Rafael Riqueni

Universal Music

“Parque de María Luisa” is the new album by Rafael Riqueni, the conceptual work in where he evokes and describe his youth memories of the emblematic Eden of Seville. This is Riqueni´s seventh album and first since 1996, twenty one years after.

That´s how “Parque de Maria Luis” becomes the long awaited comeback of one the biggest musical genius in flamenco and Spanish music. The long awaited new chapter in Rafael Riqueni musical evolution, reinvented and flowing non stop. A conceptual work that brings freedom to flamenco and classical Impressionism, just in order to achieve a road to full beauty in the memory of places and periods of life that remained in the most intimacy places of the author´s memory.

Producido por Joselito Acedo y Paco Bech. Con la colaboración de Estrella Morente, Raimundo y Juan José Amador.

Produced by Joselito Acedo and Paco Bech. With special guests: Estrella Morente, Raimundo and Juan José Amador